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Vietnam Culture

The culture a country is always intrinsically entwined with its history. We find it in the Traditional Arts, the Culinary Arts, in all the Legends as well as within its literature.

Aca-Voyage is delighted to present you twith a brief outline of each of these cultural characteristics.

Each theme is displayed separately in a PDF file.

You can also download them together as a small book.

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Accommodation in Vietnam

The hotel industry in Vietnam has expanded dramatically since the country first opened its doors to tourism in 1989. These days there are hotels to suit every style and budget.

Aca-Voyage has carefully hand-picked a selection of preferred hotels. In addition to location and service quality, we consider intangible qualities such as character, charm and warmth. It’s these unique qualities that really set a hotel apart and make your holiday all the more special.

For the rest we use the more traditional categories for accommodation :

Super Deluxe, Deluxe, Superior, First Class and Standard. These categories generally match the star rating system (with Super Deluxe rated as 5 star plus, Deluxe as 4 star and so on). However, it is important to be aware that hotels in Vietnam need not comply with international regulations in order to label themselves as “five-star”. You cannot be guaranteed a certain standard by taking the star ratings at face value.



Please visit the Vietnam Airlines ( website to check out its timetable, destination within Vietnam.


Download the timetable for your main destination for assistance in organizing your own program. For more details, visit the Vietnam Railways Corporation web site :(

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Train Schedule
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